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We are a tourism agency located in the city of Iquitos, right in the heart of the Amazon jungle of Peru. We specialize in expeditions that will make adrenaline through your veins and a life full of enjoyment and adventure. Our goal is to bring people closer to adventure, to connect them with nature and wildlife. While also generating awareness about the environment by immersing them in the environment and providing information on the immense biodiversity of flora, fauna, and the unique ecosystem in the Amazon.


Our Team

Our company has extensive experience and tourist knowledge of the area in order to provide the highest quality experience and allow our guests to fully enjoy the adventure. In addition, our team is composed of highly experienced professional guides who are bilingual English in Spanish.

Our Concern

Our focus is to promote and support the natural environment and the local communities through all of our tours. That is why we promote recycling. We care about minimizing the use of plastics, our carbon footprint, and our impact on the environment.

What matters to us

We also support the development of our local communities. All our guides are professionals and from the area with unique knowledge that they acquired from our local ancestors in order to provide a unique high quality service.

What we do?

Amazon basin

We provide a variety of tours along the banks of the rivers of the Amazon basin (Amazon River, Nanay, Yanayacu, etc.), offering the possibility of staying in lodges or camping in the primary forest (virgin).

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

We also have expeditions to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, which is the most extensive tropical forest area in the Peruvian Amazon, where you can be in direct contact with the wildlife of the Amazon rainforest.


Our tours include various activities that allow everyone to live their perfect adventure. Our tours include: birdwatching at dawn, observation of primates in their natural habitat, dolphin watching, practice sport fishing, day and night walks through primary jungle providing information of the surrounding flora and fauna. You can also interact with exotic animals such as alligators, anacondas, boas, sloths and monkeys among many others.

Native tribes

You can interact with native tribes such as the Yaguas, Boras and Kukamas. Another of our services consists of providing experiences of Ayahuasca ceremonies with ancient and experienced shamans of the area.

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We are here to answer and questions or concerns you may have. So please feel free to contact us at info@awaexpeditions.com and we will respond promptly.