Preparing your trip to the Amazon? One of the most important things about a trip and that we leave for the last moment is our luggage. What should I bring? That is the uncertainty of many that will always depend on the place you go, time of your stay and the activities you want to do. A little preparation always helps to make the trip more pleasant.

First of all we must focus on the PLACE, as we said before, this greatly influences what should be carried. The Amazon rainforest is a tropical jungle which means in a few words heat, humidity, rain and mosquitoes. It is necessary that in our luggage there are clothes suitable for these four conditions. For the city of Iquitos, enough clothes suitable for the heat and a rain poncho. If you take tours on the Amazon River or the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, you should bring light clothing (for heat), which is also quick drying by sudden rains, sweat and humidity; also clothing suitable for mosquitoes, which abound in this climatee. If this is sounding a bit overwhelming do not worry, we will give you a list of what we suggest and the reason for bringing each item.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, what better way than to summarize everything you should carry in a single image.

It is easy to think that they will not be useful due to the heat of the forest, but during the walks in the jungle they are essential to protect yourselves from mosquitoes.

To cool off a bit you may need them in the hostel, on the boat or in the city. To reduce space you can bring convertible pants to short (those with zippers).

T-shirts of this type are necessary for the excursions due to the sweating and humidity of the environment (other material is more difficult to dry).

At least one is necessary, not to keep you warm but as protection from the sun and mosquitoes during excursions. A windproof jacket may also be useful if it is lightweight and breathable. Preferably use earth colors to facilitate the sighting of animals

It can rain several times during the day and after the sun comes out, it is better to be prepared. Ideal if the jacket is light and breathable, otherwise there are inexpensive ponchos (from 1.5 USD) in the city of Iquitos that are very useful.

What better than a dip to cool off after some excursion and swim in the Amazon River, the longest in the world. In the city of Iquitos there are watering places and swimming pools where you can relax and enjoy the day.

A pair of slippers to rest your feet and be protected from mosquitoes while you are in the camp or shelter. During the tours, rubber boots are provided for excursions.

To be in the city and in the accommodation.

For protection against mosquitoes and greater comfort when using rubber boots.

Any type is useful to protect from the sun. For greater protection there are the legionaries that cover ears and part of the neck.

The use of sunscreen is recommended, due to the greater exposure to UV rays as it is closer to the equator. Some cream for sunburn never hurts.

To protect against UV rays, if you want to prevent them from falling, use leashes.

Mosquitoes are abundant in this climate, especially in the jungle. To avoid them, there are different types of repellents, either natural (organic), in patches, in bracelets, in creams or in aerosol. The repellents that are most effective are those of the spray type with DEET in concentrations around 15%. It is important to know that the repellent should be applied over the sunscreen.

They are necessary for night excursions, camping and lodge (the latter has electricity in limited hours, 6 to 9pm).

All tours have drinking water available to hydrate, you will need one to take to the excursions.

Where you load your clothes and everything you need for a couple of days in the Amazon River or the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. Baggage you do not need can be stored in our office.

To carry what you need during the excursions, be it a bottle, some snack, repellent, sunscreen, etc.

To document your adventure, remember to bring extra batteries and charger.

In the Amazon there are many animals that are camouflaged with the foliage of the trees, for a better visualization of them are useful binoculars.

To store electronics or documents and protect them from moisture.

As for any trip, remember to take the medications you usually consume, also include some for allergies, analgesics and bandages. Also, when carrying out the tours through the Amazon River and Pacaya Samiria our guides are equipped with a complete kit.

Consult your doctor before making the trip what you need. We recommend getting vaccinated against yellow fever before coming to the Amazon. In addition, against malaria some suggest consuming tablets to go to the jungle, this is optional.

All the above are suggestions of what you should bring to make the most of your adventure in the jungle, which complements what is normally taken to travel (personal items, underwear, etc.).

Also you can review in our blog some interesting activities to do in the Amazon Rainforest.

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