Live an express jungle adventure! Explore closely the beautiful landscapes
that dress the Amazon jungle, enjoying unique and
unforgettable experiences in this earthly paradise.

Live an express jungle adventure! Explore closely the beautiful landscapes
that dress the Amazon jungle, enjoying unique and
unforgettable experiences in this earthly paradise.

Tour Details
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*Price per person based on a minimum of two people. For groups of 4 or more passengers request your coupon for 10% discount. Not applicable on other discounts.

Departure from the airport or your accommodation/ Confluence of the Nanay and Amazon rivers/ Lunch (Lodge)/ Visit to the island of monkeys/ Piranha fishing/ Swimming in the Amazon River and watching the sunset/ Dinner at the lodge/ Night walk

Dawn on the Amazon River/ Tropical breakfast/ Visit the Morphosapi butterfly farm/ Visit the Yaguas native community/ Amazon lunch/ Return to the city of Iquitos

Tour Details

All our tours are based on a minimum of 2 people. If you are traveling alone please contact us to provide a quote according to the tour you want.

We can make more flexible tours, also to couples on their honeymoon, marriage anniversaries, groups or large families, trips for student promotions and organizations or companies.

We adapt ourselves to those people who have a vegetarian or vegan diet. If you have any food allergies, please specify when you make your reservation to provide a menu according to your needs. For those who do not opt for vegetarian or vegan food our meals include fish, chicken, pork or local beef.

We strive to maintain a low use of plastic so we would appreciate if you bring your own bottle or container to be refilled with purified water during the tour and its activities.

Departure and return schedules

Departure time: 8:00 AM

Return time: 5:00 PM (1 Day later)

Place of departure: from the airport or your accommodation.

Place of return: Our office in Iquitos.

The service includes

  • Professional bilingual guide (English/Spanish)
  • Private transfer from airport or accommodation
  • All ground transportation needed
  • All boat transportation needed
  • Lodge accommodation
  • All tickets to the places visited
  • All meals (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Purified water, juice, cooffe and tea
  • First aid equipment
  • Gum boots
  • All fishing equipment
  • Antiophidic serum (antidote for snakebite)
  • Electricity to charge devices (6 to 9 PM)

The service not include

  • Additional items (souvenirs, extra food, cigarettes, etc.)
  • Air tickets (We can help you arrange cheap flight offers on request)
  • Departure tax from the airport (if it’s applicable)
  • Personal Expenses: telephone calls, laundry expenses, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Insurance against theft, loss, illness or accident
  • Tips for Tourist Guides
  • Hotel in the city of Iquitos

Pay ment methods to book a tour

We accept PayPal, Visa and MasterCard online payments to make your reservations. If you wish to pay with Visa or MasterCard online, contact us for details on how to proceed. In our office, we accept Peruvian Soles (PEN), United States Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR)


We recommend bringing comfortable, long and light clothing to protect against mosquitoes, trekking shoes, hat, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, bottle or personal container for water, headlamp.

If you have any questions please review our Frequently Asked Questions and do not hesitate to contact us, we are available 24 hours a day

We will begin the rout in the morning from the airport or your accommodation in a private vehicle towards the port of Bellavista Nanay. During the journey, our guide will make a brief historical review of the city of Iquitos and about the activities we will do during the day.

Once at the port of Bellavista Nanay, we can see and appreciate the market where merchants from nearby communities sell their products. Then we will sail in a typical boat (pamacari) for about 10 minutes along the Nanay River downstream until we reach the confluence of the Nanay and Amazonas rivers. There you will be able to see the difference of color between the rivers, black water from Nanay River and brown or white water from Amazonas river.

We will continue our trip downstream for an hour and a half to the lodge with its characteristic rustic style. During the trip you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and have the possibility to see the gray river dolphins (Sotalia fluviatilis) and pink (Inia geoffrensis), diversity of birds such as the yellow billed tern (Sternula superciliaris), olivaceous cormorant (Phalacrocorax olivaceus), great egret (Ardea alba), snowy egret (Egretta thula) and ring kingfisher (Megaceryle torquata) among many others, as well as some rural towns and villages on the banks of the river.

Once at the lodge, you will be able to leave your belongings and get comfortable while we prepare to enjoy a nice regional lunch, typical of the Amazon jungle, cooked with products of the area and accompanied by fruits and natural juices.

After lunch, we will continue our trip to the island of the monkeys. There, you can interact directly with different species of primates such as the yellow tailed wooly monkey (Lagothrix lagotricha), black spider monkey (Ateles paniscus), saddle back tamarin (Saguinus fuscicollis), red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus), pigmy marmoset (Cebuella pygmaea), monk saki (Pithecia monachus) and san martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe); also parrots and a nice macaw (Ara macao). In addition, you can observe these species of monkeys feeding on natural varieties of plants and fruits that are found there.

After having a pleasant experience, we will leave the island in search of the river dolphins while we prepare to be part of the adrenaline filled experience of sport fishing for piranhas, among other species. Here our guide will make a brief demonstration and explain the correct and safe way of fishing, providing all the necessary equipment.Here, if you wish, you can keep your best captured specimen so that you can later cook it and taste it at the lodge during dinner.

Next it will be time to take a break to swim in the Amazon River, the longest and largest in the world, enjoying the beautiful sunset in the Amazon rainforest to later go to the lodge to enjoy a delicious dinner.

After dinner, we will do a night walk where we could see and identify reptiles, amphibians, mammals and arachnids of nocturnal habits; which are normally hidden during the day. Also we will enjoy a unique show provided by the Amazon, the deafening sound of the jungle at night.

It is time to rest and replenish all our energies.

Accommodation will be provided at the lodge.

We will start the day early in the morning to be able to enjoy the beautiful dawn on the Amazon River on board our boat. We will take advantage of the occasion and high bird activity at dawn to go birdwatching. We will take the time to relax, listen and enjoy the birds’ beautiful songs.

After this, we will return to the lodge to enjoy a delicious and energizing tropical breakfast accompanied with fruits and natural juices. Finished breakfast, we will continue our route to the San Rafael community to visit the Morphosapi butterfly farm, which is the biggest at Loreto region, where you could observe a wide diversity of butterfly species, learn about their metamorphosis process and also the different stages of their life cycle (larva, chrysalis or pupa and adult).

Then we will embark on our exciting meeting with some members of the Yaguas tribe. Here you can be part of their customs, listen to their history, dialect, songs and of course practice their dances with them. It will be a unique experience, where you will also learn about the blowgun (wind weapon), which is their main hunting weapon. And while we’re at it why not take some practice shots? In addition, if you want you can buy handicrafts that they make with their own hands, contributing to preserve the community and its customs.

We will return to the lodge and enjoy a nice regional lunch, typical of the area.

The time has come to pack our belongings and begin our trip back to the city of Iquitos arriving at the port of Bellavista Nanay, from where you will be transferred to our office.

* The order of some activities may vary due to operational or weather conditions.